TBC Radio Employment

How To Apply
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Email Application to: Gary.Rose@TBCRadio.com
Or Mail Application to:
   Gary Rose, Manager of TBC Radio
   PO BOX 64125
   Tucson, AZ 85728

Open Position: Part Time Sales Associate
Title: Sales Associate - Part Time
Reports to: Turquoise Broadcasting Company, LLC (TBC Radio) Manager, Gary Rose
Job purpose: To carry out direct marketing of TBC Radio's FM Translator Stations advertising opportunities for local businesses located in Homer, Kenai, Seward, Kodiak and Delta Junction.
Job Description/Responsibilities: Turquoise Broadcasting Company, LLC seeks an experienced media representative to join our company. Responsible for contacting prospective customers to sell radio time for local translator stations, calls on prospects and presents outlines of various programs or commercial announcement options. Visits prospective customer's location, prepare promotional plans, sales literature, and sales contracts. A combination of a few months of related training and/or experience is typically required for carrying out the responsibilities for this job. TBC Radio will provide you with training materials as well as resources as you represent the most listened to radio stations in the local market to the business community.
Specific Job Skills: Able to communicate and motivate via telephone and personal visits, must understand the principles of marketing and advertising cost effectiveness for potential advertisers.
Computer Skills: Must be adept in the use of MS Office particularly Excel and Word, Internet and Email operations as well as the use of an audio media player such as Windows Media Player or Apple iTunes.
Literacy and Numeracy: Able to understand basic business finance to create accurate quotations and proposals.
Business and Selling Skills: Must be an excellent face-to-face and telephone communicator, able to demonstrate the value of Radio Advertising to prospective business managers.
Compensation: Commission only compensation at a rate of 25% for all sales contracts as an independent contractor providing sales services. Pay reported as IRS Form 1099 misc. income.