TBC Radio serves Alaska with great music, news and weather.
TBC Radio is now broadcasting the great oldies of K-BAY FM for the south peninsula and Seward and the great contemporary music of K-WAVE in the Kenai/Soldotna area. The True Country music on KPEN-FM is broadcast in the Bear Creek area of Seward. Translators K290AA, 105.9 MHz, K274BO, 102.7 MHz. and K262BS, 100.3 MHz, and are broadcasting K-BAY for the Homer, Seldovia, Anchor Point and the Kachemak Bay area. Translator K291BH, 106.1 MHz. is broadcasting K-WAVE FM for the Kenai area and translator K257EF, 99.3 MHz for Soldotna area. In Seward, TBC Radio has K276FF, 103.1 MHz. broadcasting K-BAY and K281AZ, 104.1 MHz. is broadcasting KPEN-FM is the Bear Creek area.

Additional translators will be added to better serve other communities in Alaska in the future including K259BK, 99.7 MHz in the Seward downtown area broadcasting KBAY. To continue bringing you the great entertainment and information you desire. TBC Radio is seeking your local financial support to defray the operating expenses of your local translator.

TBC Radio can offer advertising messages concerning your business, church, organization, or family event with either a fifteen or thirty-second announcement directed specifically to your listening area. A single thirty-second announcements can be aired each hour on each translator serving your community. These spots are very limited.